• Stamped aluminum foils

    Make aluminum foil with Locke punched PP, PS and binary and supplied to the unit number (pp foil on the glass of PP and PS, PS foil on the glass PS and PP two-part foil can be used on glass) also the company is able to produce foil stamping …

  • Rolled aluminum

    پیرا کالا

    Printed and non-printed aluminum roll and without printing units kg offered, including varnish and is laminated. The roll-on containers PP, PS, PE, CPP and PET are used.

  • Laminate with CPP

    suitable for containers PP leads right to the door of acidic products such as pickles, curds, cheese and buttermilk UF glass – laminated with PE for PE containers leads right to the door of products in polyethylene containers (PE) Packaging .